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About Us

Communication as a leading operator TURKCELL in Turkey in 2000 to the DEKA DIGITAL was founded to provide services to generator power outages; GSM sector in infrastructure, maintenance and operation in the areas Territory Turkcell solution partner (BCO) site survey installation maintenance trouble operation. As of 2009, Turkcell Superonline fiber-optic network and internal systems infrastructure inspection, installation, operation and trouble shooting services continues to. For the fastest way to perform and the activities various provinces and districts of the region, located established local offices and stores. As of 2009, also GLOBAL TOWER installation maintenance solution partners with the tower type and height of each assembly energy –infrastructure works to provide services.

  • DEKA DIGITAL areas defects liability, with the guidance of the central helpdesk as soon as possible in all weather condition means by 4x4 vehicles 7/24 all events resolves systems.
  • DEKA DIGITAL has professional staff as BCO with industry knowledge and experience in method field offers the best services and contract hire.
  • According to us, a team of our company in stages as in the company is wholly a team. When the teams such success is obtained affects everyone such as positive. If failure of any team, and company that is in short term, affects the whole sector in the log term. The nice thing about teamwork also others all the time knowing that they got in by you. Maintain this belief in our working lives in DEKA DIGITAL is the biggest goal.
  • Just like Paul Getty says;
    We prefer provides that a person trying to move from one hundred percent effort hundred percent of people would.

Our Mission

Our energy telecommunication sector accordance with international standards. We have quality and finishing at the desired time. We have also ensured safety and costumer satisfaction .Knowledge and skills of employees and all potentials improve individual and company level are able to use freely.

Our Vision

Create and implement new ideas, new approaches. Our costumers, company’s partners of the employees and the demands and needs of society taking into account to be one of the best places on the market.

Responsibility to the customer

Costumer satisfaction as principle adopted keeping in the forefront by DEKA DIGITAL .For the costumer relationships in as intuitional employee’s full responsibility. Work experience and advanced technical infrastructure sector also with knowledge .Has field of activity continued strong and professional staff work force .DEKA DIGITAL solve the problems of digital areas assisted continues to work on the advancement of the sector.

Social Responsibilities

DEKA DIGITAL beyond respect for laws and regulations respect for human rights .Provide for safe and healthy working conditions. Agrees to hold the ideas of thought and freedom of expression.DEKA DIGITAL conditioning is not available to employees or any behaving collaborator does not discriminate against people .Understanding of the suppliers and contractors to apply the same principles of social responsibility continues to move in together. ................... &&&&&& ............. ..... ...... ........ While we are in operation a more sensitive environmentally friendly .We give the special gift to our employees that we have our days of saplings. Seedlings thousands years trying to give an idea of our losses are continuing.............. &&&&&& ........ .....