• Management Policies
  • Quality
  • Job Health and Safety
  • Information Security

Management Policies

Following innovation in communication world since its inception infrastructure continues to work in this direction .Quality-oriented service concept in 2001 with ISO 9000, ISO 9001 in 2010:2008 quality management system OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system in 2011 has been awarded certificates. Our conditions of quality management system in accordance with legal requirements and in the company’s commitment to quality activities and continuous improvement activities within the organization made. Holding the best level of service quality by providing customers with innovative services. With this belief by providing continuous training to employees .Aims to further the spread of this awareness. Continued improvement and development activities related to quality.

Our Certificates

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Quality Policies

We demand of our customer’s error free, uninterrupted and quickly meet all. Telecommunication and communications industry will allow our company profitability and growth of a permanent policy is to achieve. The conditions of quality management system in accordance with legal requirements and the importance of quality improvement we will provide our company. Our continuous improvement activities within the organization with quality of service will make on the basis of the highest level of customer satisfaction .

  • To continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services .We will closely monitor technological developments and we will be a leader in innovation.
  • We will fully participate to devote all our efforts to achieve these goals. Formed based on customer’s satisfaction and employee training and motivation high in order to establish a team of outside influences.
  • Industry –leading the way at just that goal is not to be, a pleasant journey for all our work is to run.

Job Health and Safety Policies

DEKA DIGITAL for the all activities the humanitarian the most invaluable presence of accept .Creating a safe and healthy working environment , may occur to minimize any loss as a goal is and always adopts apriority .Within our organization is formed for the participation and compliance with health and safety standards are encouraged to be healthy an studying it prevented injuries and illnesses .”Health and safety management system” is periodically applied to the continuous improvement of the systems are provided with the review and monitoring of performance.

  • Managers or their managements are responsible occupational health and safety checks of all employees.
  • DEKA DIGITAL require for the all employees to safety working ,prerequisite for safe handling DEKA DIGITAL divisions.
  • All the national laws and regulations related to health and safety .Customers and the member institutions is that we are in the health and safety . Requirements shall be complied .Shall act in accordance with international standards.
  • Contractor health and safety system supplier or subcontractors is respected and expected to establish themselves in the structure of such a sub.
  • Health and safety issues on the agenda is responsible for the information act against public sensibilities. The development of standards development and provided health and safety culture.

“Strong says; children entrusted to us those employed.”

Information Security

Our aim with our company and our customers about the activities in the DEKA DIGITAL executing and information about the privacy of every kind of stuck to sustain .Providing information security in relation to the activities in this direction, our company for the employees to fulfill their tasks effetely installed SQL data base server client computer systems MAIL SERVER ‘S and internet information services (IIS) in wireless internet access systems is working properly at all times provide.

  • All users in the systems to rectify this and in its measures to prevent software errors from users. Behalf in its measures to minimize problems provide users with necessary trainings on site or training room’s.
  • Secure internet connection is always to be effective for use according to the positions. By making the descriptions are necessary for sites to be entered .Used by the personnel against the threat of internet connections that can help to promote virus.
  • The systems everyday to protect against the threat of computers by controlling virus. Periodically update virus software and firewall on all computers that help to promote the external impact.