Deka Digital Ltd. 3. Chorus

Deka Digital Ltd. Þti. in recent years this year as planted seedling as a Christmas present. Our third chorus Menderes-Gorece reforestation area with planting of saplings of 2000. Aegean Forest Foundation afforestation work in 2010, 1000, in 2011, 1500 saplings have been planted. This year, the total number of 4500 with planting saplings in 2000 to protect the saplings of 3 was reached. Our company General Manager Şeref Tufanyazıcı his statement; conventional structure just planting and reforestation efforts will be continued in the coming years in increasing numbers each year, and saplings, or will be continue to contribute to the reforestation. The Director General of the Aegean Forest Foundation Metin Gençol' s, our company General Manager Şeref Tufanyazıcı 's Text or by itself for its support reforestation efforts presented plaques of thanks. Our company operates in various local and national context of reforestation that made by organs of the press release.